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Inside My Postpartum Doula Bag: Essentials for a Smooth Recovery

Ahh, the world of postpartum doula care, where support, comfort, and practicality intertwine to create a nurturing environment for new mothers. As a dedicated doula, I have meticulously packed my bag with items carefully chosen to provide relief, relaxation, and healing during the postpartum period. Join me as we explore the contents of my doula […]

What is a Nutritional Doula and Do You Need One?

Years ago, when I was pregnant with my second son, I spent 2 weeks exiting every room I’d just entered because of the noxious smells. I know now that those smells were just everyday scents, but with hightened senses and hormones – everything made me sick. I had a hard time keeping anything down and […]

Milk Storage Guidelines

Ever wonder how long that bottle can stay out? Did you just pump some “liquid gold” but forgot to slip it in the fridge?? Never fear – your handy “Milk Storage” pocket guide book is here! We took the CDC’s recommendations for breastmilk and formula fridge and freezer storage and put it together in a […]

Free Doula Client Forms

Are you an aspiring doula or a seasoned doula looking to refresh some of your paperwork. As a doula training agency, we like to equip aspiring doulas with everytng they need to start a successful business. Recently, our marketing team created a beautiful and concise Client Intake form with matching Baby Log Sheets – perfect […]

Free Birthplan & Hospital Checklist

So what exactly is a Birth Plan? A birth plan is your written instructions for how you want your delivery experience to go. Often times in the hospital setting, women feel pressured to conform to requests made by others. They’re not given the freedom to follow their body’s or their baby’s cues.A written birth plan […]